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Courses for beginners as well as workshops for advanced printers take place regularly in our studio. All information can be found below. If you are interested you can register at

In addition, we can arrange individual company workshops on request. Whether as an all-day team event together with your colleagues or as a three hour After-Work Workshop in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are interested in a special school workshops please get in touch by e-mail.

Saturday/ Sunday (12–5pm)
, Tuesday evening (6–10pm) 1 Course = 1 Day
Costs per Person 110€ / 80€ (reduced)
Sat 11.05.

Tue 21.05.
Sat 25.05.

During the beginners course you will learn all steps of the screen printing process: selection of motifs, screen exposure, colour mixing and the know-how of printing. Each participant prints his own motif in 1-2 colours during the course, maximum size A4.
3–4 participants.

1 course = 3 dates (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) 
per person 250€ 
Fri 26.04. 18-21h
Sat 04.05. 12-18h
Sun 05.05. 12-18h

How do you prepare a multi-coloured image for screen printing? How do you separate the individual layers? What creative possibilities are there for image processing and the overlaying of colours and layers?
The course implies image editing in Photoshop. You will be shown how to create the exposure templates for multicolour screen printing. Screens with your image will be exposed to be printed on paper.
Please bring a laptop with Photoshop, exposure templates and paper to be printed onto. 
The course will be held in English and/or German.

1 course = 3 dates (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
per person 250€
Fri 26.07. 18-21h
Sat 03.08. 12-18h
Sun 04.08. 12-18h

To reproduce a multicoloured image or a coloured photo in screen printing, you can work with the CMYK printing technique. In this course we will teach this method and explain in detail how to bitmap the colour channels for screen printing. Digital image editing will be demonstrated in Photoshop so that participants will later have the necessary knowledge to edit their own image. The participants will then reproduce their own motifs in screen printing.
The course is intended for advanced students who are confident with Photoshop. Please bring your own laptop and paper to print on.
This course will be held in English and/or German.

1 course = 3 dates (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday) 
pro Person 250€
This course teaches the basics of the screen printing process, with more time for experimentation. You will have the opportunity to create a complex print project, prints on different materials and do experiments with effect colors. The course is suitable for beginners, but also for printers who want to expand their skills.
3-4 participants

*You can buy hand pulled VOUCHERS as well.*