SDW // Offene

Open Studio & Facilities


Wednesday 12–9pm
Thursday & Friday 10am–6pm

*Due to the current situation for using the space or exposure service please write a Mail beforehand. For any visit please bring a negative COVID test result or an vaccination certificate.*

In our open Studio everyone can rent a spot to put their ideas into practice using manual screen printing technology. The only requirement is an introductory course in our workshop or a solid knowledge of screen printing. The concept of the open workshop expects a level of personal responsibility and shared thinking: this is where printing enthusiasts meet and network. We as your hosts look after the workshop, and are available to advise you with technical queries. Upon request, the front room is available for exhibitions, workshops and presentations.


vakuum table < Din A1
printing station < Din A1
mobile printing devices for textiles & paper
large printing table 150 x 300 cm
large exposure table 200 x 350 cm
rental screens for textile & paper in different sizes & measures
colors for textiles & paper
squeegee & other screen printing utensils