SDW // Offene


As a non-profit association, we realize educational programs and workshops to empower knowledge about screen printing in cooperation with Berlin initiatives and institutions. In addition to teaching the craft, the focus is here on promoting self-confidence and working together.

For example, projects have been set up in which young people printed their designs on clothing and developed their own clothing brand. In autumn 2019 we lauched a residency for designers together with Posterwomen. There are exhibitions taken place regulary in our front room, as recently during the “Tag der Druckkunst”.

We have worked with:

Kulturnetzwerke Neukölln

Brandenburgische Sportjugend e.V.

Nürtingen Grundschule


Champions ohne Grenzen


Rütli Schule Neukölln

Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin e.V.